I am a Dublin based commercial photographer and stylist specialising in food, content creation, advertising, packaging, editorial & lifestyle photography.
I grew up in the tropical Venezuela, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and a delicious and complex food culture. I come from a very artistic family, both my parents have a very refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art and they taught me to see beauty in the smallest things in life. All those elements helped me form my visual sensibilities and capabilities and they are all expressed in my work. I put my heart into every project I work on and combining beauty with emotional warmth is one of the main goals in my work.
Majoring in Arts in college and spending time traveling and living in three different countries further influenced my creative approach and aesthetics.
I am a trained Chef and Food Scientist. I've spent many years running kitchens and other food related businesses before committing myself 100% to my photography career. That's why Food Photography became my dream as it combines two of the things I'm most enthusiastic about: Art and Food.
I help my clients to tell their story, to create, design and bring their ideas to life through my food photography to take their business to the next level.
Photography is my passion, and I love being involved in every step of a photoshoot so if you are looking to produce beautiful and delicious photographs of your product, restaurant, menu, or any other food related project, get in contact with me and we can start discussing  your ideas.
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